Tips for Choosing an Adult Day Care Center

• Identify services in your area. For names and phone numbers of the adult day centers, try: • Yellow Pages (“Adult Day Care;” “Aging Services;” Senior Citizens’ Services,” etc.)
• Area Agency on Aging (AAA) Call 1-800-677-1116 for the AAA in your area, or search for them online. See the “Aging Answers Rolodex”.
• A local senior center
• Your family doctor
• A Geriatric Care Manager
• Call first! Call adult day centers and ask for a flier or brochure, eligibility criteria, a monthly activity calendar,a monthly menu and application procedures.

• Know what to ask. Look for the following information:
• Owner or sponsoring agency.
• Years of operation.
• License or certification (If required in your state).
• Hours of operation.
• Days open.
• Transportation
• Cost – Hourly or daily charge, other charges,financial assistance.
• Conditions accepted – such as memory loss,limited mobility, and incontinence.
• Staff credentials.
• Number of staff per participant.
• Activities provided – Is there variety and choice of individual and group activities?
• Menu – appeal, balance.
• Tour. After reviewing materials, make an appointment to visit two or more centers that might meet your needs.
• Check references. Talk to two or three people who have used the center you are considering. Ask for their opinion.
• Try it out. Select a day center. Try it for three to five days. It sometimes takes several visits for new participants to feel comfortable in a new setting and with a new routine. If you have questions or are experiencing any problems, ask for a conference. The staff may have suggestions to make the transition easier both at home and at the day center.

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