A Grateful Heart

imageTen years ago I made a little book with paper and scrap booking supplies. My family passed it around and wrote their heartfelt thanks. The youngest was grateful for a nose, to enjoy such wonderful tastes and smells. The eldest’s gratitude reflected on a free land to express himself.

Today, I enjoy paging through the book and reflecting on what has taken place since 2003. I have so much to be grateful for. Here are just a few:

  • My given family and the extended group of people in my personal and professional family. My personal family is bountiful! The group gets bigger and crazier. (Admit it; your’s is too!). Despite our flaws we are better for all of the zany things we go through together. Within my personal, business, and community family, there’s a fair amount of chaos, fun, frustration, sweat, tears, and energy shared toward common goals that keep me energized. You all know who you are. I don’t say it often enough but THANK YOU!
  • Health: The challenges of health remind each of us of our mortality. Although our health may not be perfect, I am grateful for colleagues, both personal and professional that treat, educate and advocate for our needs. Truly caring requires looking at the whole picture, and at the whole person. I am blessed to be surrounded by many who “get it” and do it not because it’s an expectation but because it’s a philosophy of caring. THANK YOU!
  • Happiness comes from the journey, not what is at the end of the climb. My life is full of of joyful bounty, not the least of which is having the opportunity to express myself in print and spoken words. I don’t take that for granted. THANK YOU to all who have fought for the freedoms that make us unique. We celebrate you, fallen and with us both.

My list is not much different from the reflections others make today, but I am proud to share my thoughts with each of you. Happy Thanksgiving!

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