Trouble Getting Out of Your Chair?

Are you struggling to get up out of your chair?

No, I am not referring to those of you who are just too lazy to get up.

I am talking to those of you who have strength and balance deficits making it harder for you to get up out of your chair.  Maybe you recently were in the hospital or became ill. Maybe the arthritis in your knee is “acting up”.  Whatever it is, for some reason, you cannot just “jump” up out of the chair like you used too.

Simple solution:  Get a Lift Chair.

What is that?  You don’t want to give up your favorite chair.  You don’t have the $$ to just go out and buy a new chair.

Well, lucky for you there are other solutions.  There are ways you can modify your favorite chair to make it easier and less painful for you to stand up and get moving.

As I was writing this blog and searching the web, I discovered that there are many products out there to modify your chair.  I thought I would include some of them in this post.  I do not know of the safety of these products and I do not endorse them in any way.  They are not recommendations; they are just listed here to give you ideas of what might work for you.

1)  Give Your Chair a Lift

The higher the surface, the easier it is to stand up because you don’t have to use as much strength to lift your body weight.

  • Chair Risers- Depending on the legs of your chair/recliner, you may be able to buy risers to fit under the legs.  There are many kinds of chair risers out there for chairs with regular legs, such as EasyRisers.  For recliners, you can try a product called Recliner Risers.  Remember to make sure the chair is stable and does not tip over with the added height of the risers.
  • Platform- If you are handy or have a relative that is handy, you can build a wooden frame for under the chair. Just make sure to put grooves in the wooden frame so the chair cannot slide off the wooden frame.  Another option is to buy a platform.  I have also seen some people put their chair up on stone patio blocks.  The main precaution with this is to make sure the chair is not going to slide off the blocks.

2)  Cushion Your Tush

For some people, just adding a little height to the chair with a cushion can make a world of difference in their ability to get up off the chair.

Daisy on chair

Some cushion options:

  • Find a firm throw pillow or bed pillow that is comfortable to sit on.
  • Wheelchair cushions work well.
  • Cut a piece of high density foam to fit your chair.

I recommend placing a non-slip grip pad between the extra cushion and the chair so the cushion does not slide off the chair with you on it.  The other thing to keep in mind is that as you raise yourself up with an extra cushion to make sure you still have good neck, back and arm support.

3)  Fix the Sag

Do you sink into the chair when you sit down?  Is there a groove in your cushion with the imprint of your derrière?  If your chair cushion comes up off the chair, then this can easily be remedied with a piece of plywood cut to size and placed under the chair cushion or a product such as furniture fix.

4)  Stop the Rock and Swivel

The rocking and/or swivel motion of a chair makes it more challenging to stand up.  Some chairs will have locks on the base of the chair that actually can stop the rocking and/or swivel motion.

5)  Swap Chairs

If you just had surgery or are recovering for an injury, your difficulty getting up from a chair will be short-term.  You may just want to search your home for another chair to use temporarily.

Look in your home for a chair with a higher, firmer sitting surface.  Some people use kitchen chairs or patio chairs with arm rests and place cushions on them to make them more comfortable.

Gunner on chair

Things to Consider:

  •  Make sure your feet touch the floor.
  •  Make sure your chair is not at risk for slipping off the risers/platform/blocks.
  •  Make sure any added cushions are not at risk for slipping off the chair.
  • Make sure your chair is not at risk of tipping over if you added height to it.
  • Make sure you have good sitting posture with adequate neck, back and arm support.

Remember these are just some suggestions. If you are not sure which one is right for you, consult your health care provider.

Happy Day!  Here’s to Helping You Get Up and Move with Ease and Confidence!

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