Who’s the biggest loser?

Health Calls is shedding! We’re shedding pounds with our own version of The Biggest Loser.

Since there are five of us competing at home, this weekend I experimented with some yummy recipes to provide inspiration for our losers.

Thai Lettuce Wraps made with lean ground turkey, fresh shredded veggies, on lettuce leaves coupled with Cucumber and Hummus Cupcakes. Personally, I think they look more like a sushi.

I kept the skin on my Cucumber and Hummus Sushi for extra color and fiber, but you can peel the cucumber before slicing and using a melon baller to take some of the cucumber flesh out to pipe in the hummus.

The Thai lettuce wraps also call for cucumber so you can use the pieces of cucumber from the ‘cupcakes’ or ‘sushi’ for this recipe. The wraps are accompanied by a light, easy-to-make Asian dressing that tangy and refreshing. This recipe makes a great low-carb, low-calorie snack or in a larger portion as a main course as we did on Saturday evening.

Experiment with fresh, light and flavorful vegetables with a goal that half of the meal is veggies.

We can all be the biggest loser!


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