Medicare Releases Star Ratings For Patient Experience: Health Calls Receives Top Rating

Medicare released the first “Patient Survey Star Ratings” for Medicare-certified home health agencies last week.

Health Calls Home Health Agency received a 5 star rating in Medicare’s Patient Survey Star Rating.

Health Calls response rate to surveys is 33%, which is “a very strong showing”, according to Mike Little, Health Calls CEO and owner. “The findings show that Health Calls is the best and most well-rounded choice for home health services in Berks County.”

Maria Radwanski, COO and co-owner indicates that patients have the ability to remain anonymous or reveal who they are when completing the survey. “Even so, many patients do reveal who they are and take the time to write a note about the health care providers they saw in their homes.”

One recently surveyed patient wrote ‘this was the best care I have had from any agency. I’ve had several falls and this one was there to push me to understand what I could do and what I shouldn’t’.

This patient received critical safety information, in a manner that reflects that she was given important feedback during treatment to improve. The staff was able to do so in a way that involved the patient in the change process and maintained the patient’s respect and dignity while making the necessary changes.

Also released last week were updated Quality of Patient Care Ratings which summarizes 9 of the 29 quality measures reported on Home Health Compare. This star rating provides a single indicator of all agencies performance, in comparison to peers.

Health Calls received a 4 star rating, scoring better than most other agencies on the 9 measured care practices and outcomes. Health Calls has consistently received a 4 star rating since the rating first became available in July, 2015. Across the country, most agencies fall “in the middle” with 3 or 3 1/2 stars, according to the Home Health Compare website.

2 thoughts on “Medicare Releases Star Ratings For Patient Experience: Health Calls Receives Top Rating

  1. Congratulations on this outstanding accomplishment. Your staff must be very proud and your patients fortunate to be in their care.

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