Recipe for the Role: Mix Compassion with Humor

imagePeg Stoudt RN, Health Calls RN Health Transitions Coach and Referral Liaison joined the Health Calls team four years ago. Peg saw nursing as a natural career choice because of her passion to meet and help people every day. Peg learns and finds each experience a new gift every day. Peg says its very hard defining just one memorable moment in her career; she finds what awes her is the strength of connection, the ability to communicate with people on an eye to eye and heart to heart level. This has never disappointed her and makes her encounters in helping people the most fun and memorable.

Compassion came early to Peg. When she was a child, she says she would lock herself in her bedroom on Sunday nights as she feared Lassie would die on TV and she couldn’t bear to watch. Today, Peg is no longer afraid, and she views death as a celebration. While Peg loves life, she believes there is a bigger party in heaven and has hope to “go home” after her journey is done here.

In the meantime, Peg lives life with humor and laughter every day.

My dad gave me these gifts. He was a huge inspiration to me. While life gives us challenges, humor and laughter inspire me to never give up.

I  have fun every day and I want to be known as a great friend, mother, wife, Grammy, sister, nurse, and occasionally…as Santa Claus.

In fact, Santa showed up at the Health Calls Christmas party this year and can be found at the Christmas party for the Keystone Villa “Healthy Snacks Program”, one of several wellness programs Peg facilitates throughout the year.

Peg works hard every day as an advocate for patients and their families, helping to set up Health Calls home health visits to meet the medical needs of the Berks County community. Outside of her professional life, a Peg volunteers at her church, Glad Tidings and hopes to travel on a mission trip with her church some day and to volunteer for hospice when she retires.

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