Heart Healthy Facts: Understand Salt Content of Food and Effect on Your Health

A few months ago, I had dinner in a city that requires restaurants publish the nutrition content of food on the menu. This popular restaurant has a great menu, but I was quite sobered by the calorie and salt content of the food. There were two choices on the menu that would have been approved by the American Heart Association.The American Heart Association recommends that we eat no more than 1500 mg of salt a day (less than a teaspoon of salt) to maintain heart health, avoid high blood pressure and associated problems like a heart attack and stroke. While salt occurs naturally in many foods, pre-packaged and processed foods have the highest content.

February is a great month to learn more for your health as it is Heart Health month. Take a few minutes to research @US_FDA  and @American_Heart to learn what you can do for your heart this month.

Try this tool to understand the salt content of food items on your grocery list. Try out this tool to check the salt content of food on your grocery list. This website provides comprehensive nutrition information for the menu of most fast food restaurants. Join @American_Heart and support sodium targets that #BreakUpWithSalt

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