Social Work: A Model For Calm in Often Stormy Conditions

I recently asked Lillian Chinicci, MSW LSW what piece of advice about life she would offer to others.

It is never too late to achieve your goals.   I was 53 when I lost my husband.  My children were married and out on their own.  I decided to go back to school.  I earned my bachelor’s degree in Social Work and then continued on to earn a Masters degree  in Social Work.  My license to practice Social Work in Pennsylvania is very important to me, ” Lillian said.

Lillian has been Health Calls Clinical Social Worker for 5 1/2 years and says she loves her job helping Health Calls patients.  “It feels good to make a positive difference in the lives of patients and their families, when I can. ” Lillian realizes that not everyone is ready for the weighty decisions that her work forces people to face about living situations, getting additional help at home or making potentially life-altering changes. Lillian is a patient and wise clinician who knows that the impact of her visits may not be measured immediately; many that she advises will hold off enacting on her counsel to some point in the future.

One of the many agencies that Lillian refers families to is Berks Encore. Lillian says one of many services is the legal services available at Berks Encore. Legal Aid is very helpful for families who cannot afford an attorney but have legal needs. There are qualifying financial guidelines for the pro bono services to prepare simple wills and power of attorney documents, but the staff at Berks Encore are very helpful in determining qualifications. Lillian also recommends the volunteer grocery shopping services that Redner’s Market and Berks Encore have partnered to provide to those in need of the service throughout the Berks County community.

Lillian is a role model with a giving heart and service to others. She volunteers for a local hospice agency, offering friendly visits to patients at the end of life, so they are not alone. Lillian is also a role model at Health Calls Home Health Agency. She deals with difficult family dynamics with grace and a serene calm. She is gifted at helping patients and their families identify needs and focuses on what is best for the well-being of the patient. Lillian keeps conversations positive and finds common ground to help families find agreement in stressful situations and makes referrals to the appropriate community service to help them.

Lillian lives with her 7 year old Persian cat, Enzo.  She has a son, Robert, who just retired from the Navy, after 20 years of service.  He served on Submarines.  Her step-daughter is a Veterinary Technician.  She  has 7 grandchildren, ranging from ages 15 months to 23 years old. Lillian’s  mother is 91 years old and lives alone in her own home, in Lancaster County.  Lillian also assists her weekly with grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, and doctor’s appointment.  

Lillian recently overcame a fear that she is proud of. She always had a fear of driving long distances to unfamiliar places since she gets lost easily. She has overcome that fear and has traveled to Virginia and Connecticut to visit her son and his family in recent years.

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