S.A.F.E.: Be Informed, Be Empowered, Be Prepared

Patient Safety Awareness Week #PSAW2017

Most patients have taken care of their personal needs in a certain way most of their adult lives. When frailty occurs, or a person needs home health following an illness or surgery, the rehab team will often recommend personal care support for a period of time. That’s when  Health Calls Provides C.N.A. support to help with personal care until the patient is strong enough to do so safely and independently again. Cindy Babula, Certified Nurse Assistant suggests the following acronym to the patients she supports :

S. it
A. lways
F. or
E. very thing.

Frail or weak patients need time and patience to to do things safely. Of course, they may not need to do ALL things from a sitting position. Sitting to button a shirt, for example, allows time to conserve energy or catch one’s breath after showering. Many patients take pride in reminding Cindy when they have ideas of ways that she or they might do something in a safer way.

TOUCHE! Cindy says. It’s a give-and-take when each of us, patient AND a caring caregiver, puts SAFETY FIRST!

Cindy says a patient once pointed out a sleeping cat in their path as they were walking towards her bathroom; it was not a “stuffed animal,” but rather a living, shallow-breathing, deaf cat who would have to be picked up so the two could safely traverse the room.

Safety takes team work.

Here are more #SAFETYFIRST2017 ideas from the Centers for Disease Control:




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