While Health Calls doesn’t have Administrative Assistants in the pure sense of the word, we have an awesome support team who register our patients, schedule visits, bill for our services, obtain insurance authorization for visits, provide payroll and human resource support to our staff and medical records management.

Danielle Yoder provides telecommunications and referral support part time. She is a full time Occupational Therapy student at Alvernia University. Ali Radwanski has worked at Health Calls since high school and is now Health Calls Human Resource Generalist and assures staff benefits and payroll operate smoothly along with referral management support. Donna Noray is one of Health Calls longest employed staff, working for Health Calls for over 10 years. Starting as a field employee, Donna now provides referral and admission support in addition to therapy scheduling. Michelle Sedlack also started in the field as a Certified Nurse Assistant and today coordinates the skilled nursing visit schedules. Diana Perkins has also worked for Health Calls since high school in a variety of capacities and today manages the insurance authorization process for the agency caseload. Kris Seabron provides medical record management and assures that we have the necessary documentation and current signed physician orders for patients we treat.

We count on our Administrative Support Team everyday and we are so fortunate to have them. They are key to smooth, efficient operations. Without them, we would be reduced to chaos.

“No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another. Thank you.” — Joseph Addison

Thank you for all that you do everyday!

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